My name is Melanie Crumb. I am a 25 year old artist living in Mississauga Ontario with my partner and cat. I began my painting career shortly after getting married in 2015. I have struggled most of my life with mental illness, and after moving in with my husband, was trying to find a creative outlet for myself. Along with running, painting has been one of the greatest forms of expression that I have. Finding the beauty in nature, the city, animals, and people alongside the darker things life is grounding.

Almost one year ago, my closest friend was killed in a car accident caused by a sudden brain aneurysm. I feel it would be less than honest to leave this piece out, because it has shaped me and is continuing to shape me and my art in drastic ways. As anyone who has experienced a deep loss can relate to, life simply is never the same.

My goal in my art is to mirror my emotions and experiences through the images I paint. Whether it is a landscape, an animal or anything else, there is always an element of my own experience behind it.